Corporate Overview
WebSuite Solutions Sdn Bhd is a diversified engineering information technology company focusing on growth markets in communications and electronics. WebSuite’s customers include many of the world’s leading high-technology firms. These customers compliment the existing test and measurement on WebSuite’s value-added services or products to make them more profitable and competitive, from research and development through manufacturing, installation and maintenance. WebSuite enables its customers to speed their product time to market and achieve volume production and high-quality precision manufacturing. Test and Measurement value-added services, Automated Test and Semiconductor Products provide products, services and solutions to industry-leading customers in the communications and electronics industries.

Improve Productivity with PC-based Measurement and Automation Technology

1. Address the needs of the semiconductor industries
2. Identify customers’ business and technology needs, then leverage across the value chain
3. Focus on top-tier customers
4. Build a PC-Based Automation capability in solutions, systems and services

We deliver competitive advantage to the semiconductor, electronics, automotive, telecommunication and broadcast systems companies. WebSuite Solutions Sdn Bhd is a value-add services supplier of Automatic Test Equipment and high-end RF interconnection systems. The products we develop and deliver organize the company’s divisions, Semiconductor Test, Manufacturing and Assembly Automation, RF Test and Manufacturing Resource Planning Software. In 2004, WebSuite Solutions had sales of $ 2.2 million, and currently employs about 10 people based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. WebSuite Solutions is one of the National Instrument alliance members in this region for PC-based Measurement and Automation.

Business Divisions
Semiconductor Test: Develops state-of-the-art test systems for semiconductor research and development industries. We deliver logic, RF, analog, power, mixed-signal test solutions to developers and manufacturers of a broad range of integrated circuits, packaged separately or integrated as cells in system-on-a-chip (SOC) devices. These systems improve the efficiency of qualification, provisioning, and customer care operations for DC characterization Reports, Test Library Functions and Fast Prototyping.

Products include: Semiconductor Parametric Analyzer, Multi-Channel Curve Tracer and Programmable I-SCRIPT software (Test Executive Kit)

Customer Reference: Altera Penang, Renesas Kulim, Renesas Penang, OSRAM Penang, Panasonic Petaling Jaya, MTV Shah Alam, Sony Bangi, NEC Banting, Texas Instruments KL, ChipPAC Semiconductor KL.

Manufacturing and Assembly Test: A competitive solution provider in electronics testing and inspection solutions serving the electronics manufacturing services suppliers. WebSuite Solutions transfer the technology of imported tester into local customized system in order to improve the support and productivity of our customers. We also deliver interconnect system or test fixture for high frequency RF applications as a complete solutions for our customers.

Products and services include: Functional Test Platform, Automated Vision Inspection System and Military RF Test Solution.

Customer Reference: Toshiba Banting, Hokuriku Shah Alam, Escatec Penang, Panasonic Petaling Jaya, Mindef Melaka, Mindef Penang, Mindef KL, Mindef Kuantan.

Manufacturing Resource Planning: Provides database and resource planning software typically for quality control and management. Integrate supply chain via bar code system, lot tracking, machine tracking and statistical process control application.

Products: ESPC Statistical Process Control Software for Semiconductor Back End process. Database Management and Lot Tracking System.

Customers: Unisem Ipoh and InvetQjaya Cyberjaya